We can make anything happen

It happens right after someone comes up with an idea. Usually an ambitious idea. They ask, “Can we do that?” Well, at Doner, we always say, “Sure, we can do that.” Our Maker Culture is what drives that belief. And what delivers on it is a powerful team of skilled producers, shooters, editors, audio engineers, retouchers, developers and imaginative people who always finds a way to make it happen.

The Underground

Our in-house content studio arms us with the tools and resources to shoot, edit, create special effects and go to final finish on video and audio in a faster and more efficient model. We have 24 edit bays, 3 audio post suites, 2 graphic suites, 2 photography studios, a green screen room and one very busy coffee station.

We are perpetually shooting, editing, directing and finding ways to put our clients’ brands on screens, both big and small.